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Indian Beaches » Goa Carnival        

Goa Carnival

Festive Time: February, before Easter
Place: Goa, India
Duration: Three nights and days
Highlights: Song, dance, parades, music band, street play, feast and merry-making

Goa CarnivalFun, frolic, amusement and merry-making- Goa Carnival has it all. It is one of the most flashy and famed festival of India. The carnival herald in the month of February continues for three nights and days, making the entire state colorful. The gaudy festive mood begin to appear just before Easter Sunday and all Goans start decorating their surrounding with streamers, colorful ribbons and glitzy papers.

Goa Carnival is actually a Christian festival, but as the occasion holds the unlimited fun of street plays, song, dance, feasting, parades and merry-making, it has gone beyond the boundary of caste, communities and individual faith. Today, its draws attention from all across the world and heartily welcomes tourist to participate in its organized events.

Kerala BeachesHistory of Goa Carnival
The word carnival has been originated from the Latin word 'carnelevarium' meaning 'raising a gala storm' or 'removing the flesh'. The three day long Carnival in Goa was commenced by King Momo, sometime in past 500 years ago. It was just before the 'Lent' season (40-day fasting and penance period) of the Christian Calendar. During his days, the barbaric mimicry between the white masters and black slaves was the main highlight, which later entered into the arena of social satire.

But in 1922, Dr. Jaime de Morais, the then Governor General of Goa has added color to the occasion. Multi-colored balloons bobbed up in the air and a colorful procession featuring horse-cart carriages, decorated bullock carts began to define the streets of the state.

Kerala BeachesMyths and Reality of Goa Carnival
Being the integral part of Portuguese heritage several beliefs has been introduced in past days. Erstwhile rulers has taken carnival as a rowdy celebration in which flour, eggs, oranges, lemons, mud, sand-filled gloves along with dirty water, various liquids and glue were aimed at passersby. It was carried out to sweep away the dirt before the Lenten fast. The occasion was marked with consuming lavish feast and dressing gorgeously. Interestingly, it was also announced that participating couples, falling in love during the carnival were free to get married after Easter.

Kerala BeachesActivities in Goa Carnival
The funkiest fest of India, Goa Carnival comes alive with not-stop strumming of guitars, drum-sets, the graceful dance of fun-lovers and high-pitch tone of the local singers. The non-stop festivity continues with any hindrance and every new moment is introduced with pleasure. The morning hours are scheduled with singing, feasting and organizing street plays, while the evening are meant for dancing on the make-shift disco balls or on the wide open streets. The function, thereafter concludes with the famous red-and-black dance held by the Club National in Panajim on the final day.

The joyous Carnival is celebrated no where in India, except Goa. Its revival with the Liberation of Goa, boast tourism not only in the State but in the India, as well. The flamboyant festival is being repeatedly showcased in reel world and its time to have a real life experience in the upcoming Goa Carnival 2009.

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